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How Can We Think Well About Singleness?


Relational Hope

Since 1970 the marriage rate has declined by over 50%, and the average age for women to marry is 27, the highest in a century. Is it okay if a majority of twenty-somethings are satisfied with being single? Often our churches are aimed at serving marrieds and families but are at a loss

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The Beauty and Challenges of Singleness

What does it mean to live as a single man in today’s world? Some men are single at 20, others at 60. Some are single by choice, others by undesired circumstance. Some have always been single, others become so again following divorce or the death of a spouse. How does Godâ€

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What More Do You Want

How can we be content in any stage of life? Annie Downs shares with us the importance of patience amidst uncertainty. Annie is the author of Let’s All Be Brave, a book for men and women about the power we each have to make a difference on this planet.

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