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How Can We Thoughtfully Engage The Transgender Conversation?



As legislatures debate “bathroom bills” and National Geographic Magazine heralds a “Gender Revolution,” many are asking, what is gender dysphoria? Seven hundred thousand people identify as transgender in the U.S. yet many Christians are uncertain of how to engage. Dr. Mark Yarhouse, clinical psychologist and founder of the Institute

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My Struggle With Gender Dysphoria

Melinda Selmys' story of living with gender dysphoria provides a personal viewpoint from the trenches of this struggle. She advocates for a compassionate, empathetic approach to learning from and loving those in our communities who experience gender identity confusion. Suggesting that those identifying as transgender may have have experienced trauma,

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Transgender Q & A

How can Christians approach conversations about transgender identity? Q President Gabe Lyons sits down with Melinda Selmys, who lives with gender dysphoria, and Dr. Mark Yarhouse, a professor of psychology at Regent University to answer questions about this important topic.

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