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How Do We As Christians Navigate The Tension Between Religion And Partisan Culture?


Religious Freedom and the Common Good

At times, preserving religious liberty has been dismissed as nothing more than a partisan effort to protect Christians from a messy world. But there is a deeper question in play: how can we pursue the common good in a world of divergent and deeply held convictions? Andy Crouch, author and

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Media, Faith, & Politics

How can we avoid getting swept up in the bickering and politicking and instead maintain a long-term vision for social renewal? New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, known for his sensible reflections on polarizing issues, will share what he believes are the answers. In this special dialogue facilitated by Michael

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Unlikely Allies

We’ve been drawing religious lines in the sand for hundreds of years, using varying standards to determine who’s “in” and who’s “out.” How can Christians work for peace within culture if we can’t get it right amongst ourselves? Ted Trimpa, gay rights activist, and Jim Daly,

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Future of Media and Religion

Once seen as a trusted place for facts about events and news, the American media has become a battleground for ideologies. Modern religious leaders often criticize the media for misunderstanding and misrepresenting people of faith in pursuit of attention-grabbing sensationalism. Does the media intentionally skew the public’s perception of

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Red States, Blue Cities

As the electorate in America evolves and red states and blue states compete for control, one critical observation remains: cities overwhelmingly vote Democratic while rural, less populous counties vote Republican. The gap between urban and rural sensibilities is widening, leaving many questioning how unified can America really be? In an

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