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How Do We Build Environments Committed To The Flourishing Of All Women?


Understanding Sexual Exploitation

Women’s experiences of harassment, exploitation, and assault are coming more fully to light in our culture. While efforts have been made to protect women from further harassment, we often don’t understand why victimization occurs. Lisa Thompson, the VP for the National Center on Exploitation, teaches us about the

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Consumer Sex & The Objectification of Women

From popular music to popular fashion, “sexy” has often become synonymous with “beautiful.” But such a shift is not simply semantics. Founder and executive director of Saving Innocence, Kim Biddle, uncovers the dangerous realities behind identity formation—how our pop culture, fashion and consumerism are affecting the way young girls

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The State of Women

How are women’s lives improving and deteriorating around the world? Shannon Sedgwick Davis is CEO of the Bridgeway Foundation. An attorney, Shannon is a passionate advocate for social justice and International human rights. She is a well-known strategist engaged in promoting peace and ending human atrocities across our globe.

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