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How Do We Employ Kingdom Thinking In Business?


Q Backstage: Gene Kim (Faith & Co.)

Have you ever felt a disconnect between your faith and your work? Do you long to know that your work matters to God and makes a positive impact in the world? Gene Kim lays out the vision for Faith & Co., which highlights the struggles, triumphs, and stories of businesspeople wrestling

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Sweet Success

Nathan Sheets runs Nature Nate’s - a honey company set apart in the way it cares for its employees and customers as well as families and communities in need. Nate sees his company as a vehicle to help others and give generously. He’ll help us imagine what businesses

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Business for the Common Good

Oxfam’s recent global wealth study found that the world’s richest one percent hold more wealth than the poorest 50 percent combined. In addition, fewer than 800 companies control 80 percent of global wealth. Not all large companies are hoarding wealth and resources, however. In establishing its Ottercares Foundation, gadget company Otterbox

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Lessons From A Start Up Mentality

When Jessica Kim was in college, she started her first business out of her dorm room. As a business-minded anthropologist, she shares what can be learned about having great ideas, loving people well and how truly caring can make solutions that create better lives.

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Kingdom Virtues

The Kingdom of God enables people to live their fullest life within God’s love and provision, and Tony Evans seeks to bring this message and reality to diverse groups of people. Tony will help us think through what it means to be Kingdom-oriented in our thinking, actions, and faith

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