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How Do We Foster A Culture Of Creativity?


Illustrating The Illuminated Bible

Renown artist, Dana Tanamachi, shares her story and insights into what compels her to create, with a focus on her most recent commissioned work in partnership with Crossway, designing an illuminated Bible for the modern eye. See more about the Illuminated Bible, Art Lettering Edition from Dana Tanamachi at illuminatedbible

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Systems & Chaos

Hearing the visual philosophy of an artist is an intriguing way to gain perspective on the deeper meaning of her art. Linnea Spransy’s paintings, drawings and installations are generated using systems and rules, which are distillations of her interest in emergent theory, quantum mechanics, theology and chaos theory. Spransey

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Creating and Flourishing

Dana Tanamachi is a self-defined, "Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands." Her Japanese-inspired style is just as distinct as she is. Convinced that creativity is constitutive of human flourishing, Dana sees art as a powerful force for the common good. Her

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Art for the Common Good

Art has the ability to arrest us—causing us to pause, take a second look and reflect. When applied to a public canvas using large-scale sculptures or riveting art installations, the reactions are even more nuanced. Peek inside the mind of Dayton Castleman, an artist who prefers to work in

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The earliest and most well known scribe mentioned in the Hebrew Bible is Ezra, a Jewish priest who lived from 480-440 Be careful . However, most of the world's record-keepers and rule-recorders were left out of history's pages. Scribes played an important role in maintaining the legal, economic and religious aspects

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