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How Do We Have Courage In Our Daily Interactions?



Q President Gabe Lyons sat down with Ernie Johnson Jr. to talk about what it means to live out your faith in public places. It's hard to connect vocation to religion at times, but Ernie's encouragement is to implement beliefs in all areas of life.

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Release the Supernatural

As we gather with other city, church, and cultural leaders, we desire for transformation to come to those around us and the places we occupy. But what role do we really play in those results? How does God’s power intersect with our passion? In our information-saturated, result-oriented world, we

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Forty percent of Americans believe that those with opposing political views pose a threat to the nation. In many ways, we are more divided than ever before: from race, to women’s rights, to conservative and liberal policies. But when we focus on differences it’s impossible to move toward

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Audience of One

When have you felt moments of freedom in your life? Most of us glimpse this freedom less and less as we pursue other endeavors: achievement, career, family, or success. Author Rebekah Lyons reminds us that God has created us — at the core of who we are — to be someone unique

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Multiplying The Power Of Good

What does community look like in regions of lower population density? Without the gravitational pull of a city center, suburban towns can struggle to find common ground. But working for the common good isn’t exclusive to metropolitan areas; restorative work is alive and well in suburbia. How can likeminded

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City Movements

Cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once warned against doubting that a "small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world." She went on to remark that "...indeed, this is the only thing that ever has." In every city and in nearly every imaginable setting, there are people who gather together

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God Loves Cities

Since cities are the new cultural frontier, they create a learning lab for innovation in life and ministry everywhere. Scott Kauffmann, Vice President of Redeemer Church Content Labs, believes there are ways churches in all areas can apply the insights being learned by churches in larger cities.

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