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How Do We Hold The Tension Of Grace & Truth?


My Journey with Gay Parents

Growing up with parents who were gay, Caleb Kaltenbach was part of the gay rights movement from an early age. But when he became a Christian, his parents were furious, having seen so much hatred aimed at them from the Christian community. Caleb - who eventually became a pastor -

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Prophetic Witness

Jackie Hill-Perry knows that a life well lived speaks volumes in a world of contradiction. As individualism becomes common and pursuing your deepest feelings and desires is perceived as heroic, denying one's self is revolutionary. Her story of denying sexual desires to pursue true flourishing gives witness to a better

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Q Backstage: Caleb Kaltenbach

Fear seems to permeate many of our decisions and relationships today, especially those that are different from us. How should the church respond to the LGBT community? Caleb Kaltenbach shares his findings after years of conversation with LGBT friends in his local church and a life lived in its messy

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Interfaith Family

When Patricia Raybon’s daughter, Alana, became a Muslim after being raised in a Christian home, she was forced to decide how to respond. With anguish and tears, the struggle to love across the divides could not have been harder. Hear from the mother of a daughter that rejected Christianity

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