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How Do We Love Our Neighbors Well In This Cultural Moment?


Six Practices of the Church: Context

Six Practices of the Church This week, we discuss the importance of Context in the Six Practices of the Church. How do we love our neighbors well in this cultural moment?

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The Irrelevance of Faith

Christians face an unprecedented landscape at the intersection of faith and public life. Over 46% of our neighbors believe religion and people of faith are part of the problem in our communities, not the solution. As a growing list of contentious issues present themselves on the cultural front—such as racism,

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Where Muslims and Christians Agree

It's one thing to talk about crossing the dividing lines of religion, but can that actually happen? How can people of two different faiths work together for the common good? The relationship between Sheikh Mohammed, Judge of Sidon in Lebanon, and Martin Accad, a Christian pastor in the Middle East,

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Seeking the Prosperity of Our Neighbors

Missional church leaders seek deep community transformation that advances a foretaste of God’s Kingdom. Too often, though, we fail to deploy our congregants’ unique vocational power strategically, creatively, and effectively toward that bold end. Equipping members for living missionally in and through their work is an essential strategy for

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Unlikely Allies

We’ve been drawing religious lines in the sand for hundreds of years, using varying standards to determine who’s “in” and who’s “out.” How can Christians work for peace within culture if we can’t get it right amongst ourselves? Ted Trimpa, gay rights activist, and Jim Daly,

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