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How Do We Really Change The World?


Finding Purpose in Problems

The suffering, injustice and brokenness that exists in our world can be paralyzing. But what if those needs were an invitation for each of us to find the meaning God has purposed in our hearts? Author, activist, and abolitionist Justin Dillon points out that we have a choice: We can

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Activism After Clicktivism

For over a decade, revolutionaries and culture jammers have been paralyzed by the computer screen. Trusting the promises of technocrats and digital visionaries, dazzled by the viral hype surrounding MoveOn and the like, we’ve come to rely far too heavily on a particular form of internet organizing. Believing that

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The World is Not Ours to Save

A generation passionate about authentic faith has given rise to a new golden age of Christian optimism and social activism. But as a dizzying number of organizations call for our attention and engagement, Christians are beginning to see the pitfalls that dot this landscape: slacktivism, cause faddishness, empathy fatigue, burnout

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