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How Does Faith Inform Our Thinking On Education?


The Religion of the Academy

Since the Enlightenment, Europe has observed the slow divorce of the church from the university. The same phenomenon has taken place in the United States, which we witness today in the religious ambivalence of schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, all originally founded as Christian institutions. What does it look

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Women

In many ways, the 21st century is a revolutionary age of opportunity for women. Along with owning 30% of American businesses, women currently make up 57% of college graduates and 63% of master's degree holders. But we can only look up to those whose stories we know. If we only pass the torch

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Better Than Prayer in Schools

On Friday, The NY Times shared the story of Kip Jacob's church in Portland, Oregon and the amazing partnership they've had with Roosevelt High School. "Help from Evangelicals (Without Evangelizing)" The Times called it. In this Q Talk, Kip Jacob shares their story—the story of what happens when a

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Matchbook Learning

Matchbook Learning’s vision is to completely turnaround America’s most underperforming public schools by designing and implementing a unique teacher-centric hybrid model of school that coaches teachers to personalize instruction via content that is delivered through technology, but enhanced by a teacher’s own experience of autonomy, mastery and

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