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How Does The Church Lead In A Changing Context?


The Prophetic Minority

Every year the number of churches closing their doors in America increases, the average age of church attendees goes up, and more Americans are ceasing to identify with any religion, especially Christianity. In a nation in which the church was once a dominant and unifying mainstay in America life, what

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Pastoring A New Moment

Nashville is just one example of a city that has gone through a major transformation in the last decade. The fluid cultural landscape of urban areas can be challenging for churches to observe and engage. What does it look like for the church to lead in a swiftly changing climate?

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Church and Place

In eras gone by, churches sat at the intersections of life. Important civic conversations flowed through the faith community as they trickled through society. But in most cities today, the church and its leaders sit at the periphery of these conversations. Mark Batterson and D.C.’s National Community Church

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Why Small Churches Are the Next Big Thing

There’s no shortage of studies bemoaning the next generation’s exodus from the Church. Yet while some have written off Millennials’ spiritually, this is a mistake—for the Church and for the Millennials. In the face of this reality, a new opportunity is emerging. In fact, there’s growing

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The Restorer-Minded Church

What would it look like for a church to not only release its people into the world to fulfill their mission but to come beside them to enable their dreams? In Portland, one of the most progressive and unchurched cities in America, Imago Dei has learned how to empower their

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