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How is Technology Disconnecting Us?


Numb Generations

We are in danger of losing a new generation to the numbing agents of electronics. Dr. Kara Powell, executive director of Fuller Youth Institute, wonders what it means to raise children in a digital age. She argues that stewardship of technology doesn't start with kids; it starts with parents. If

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Can Technology Have A Bias?

We live in an age of innovation, and a debate is raging about whether technology is improving our lives or making them worse. But Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired Magazine, says we’re not asking the right questions. He believes we need to find out what technology is really after.

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Do You Need a Technology Fast?

Something is wrong, terribly wrong, about our time. We feel it, like a splinter in our hearts. There’s no room for margin: we Twitter while we drive, talk while we text, and surf until we fall asleep—but even while in bed, we stay plugged in, available 24/7. People tell

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