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How is Technology Impacting Our Daily Lives?


Managing Technology

Over half of children think that their parents check their phone too often, with a quarter of parents agreeing they want to look at their devices less. Yet it’s difficult to pry ourselves away from technology, so social media is in large part making us less social. Andy Crouch

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Light Phone Story

Many technology products aim to make our lives simpler, more convenient and better. But what are the costs of blindly adopting technology? Innovator, Kaiwei Tang, decided to create a phone technology designed to serve, not enslave; to respect human relationship, embodiment and acknowledge our humanity. The Light Phone has quickly

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Q Backstage: Andy Crouch

What is technology's proper place in our lives? We sat down with Andy Crouch, Author of The Tech-Wise Family, to discuss technology, sabbath and how to instill wisdom and courage in our lives and those in our families.

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Social Media & Relationships

In a survey led by Donna Freitas, 73% of student respondents say they strive to appear happy or positive when it comes to anything attached to their real name. What are the repercussions of this happiness standard and the perceptions we form of ourselves online?

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Spiritual Guidance for Artificial Intelligences

Culture, creatives, and the marketplace are becoming more interested in the development of Artificial Intelligence. In 2014, AI startups saw a 302 percent increase in funding. The potential to better our lives, solve global problems, and innovate completely new fields of study is exciting and humbling. But how should we think about

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Numb Generations

We are in danger of losing a new generation to the numbing agents of electronics. Dr. Kara Powell, executive director of Fuller Youth Institute, wonders what it means to raise children in a digital age. She argues that stewardship of technology doesn't start with kids; it starts with parents. If

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