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How Should We Engage Our Divided Nation?


Engaging Our Divided Nation on October 13

October 13 we will be coming together for #QCommons : a global discussion on justice, race, politics and how we can live in unity in the middle of divisive times. Joined by Author/Apologist Ravi Zacharias, Renowned Hip-hop artist Lecrae, and Political Commentators Ross Douthat & Kirsten Powers, we hope to equip Christians

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Over the last year, headlines and media images show Christians around the world suffering tremendous sacrifice because of their faith. C.S. Lewis once said, "courage is the form of every virtue at its testing point." In unprecedented times and amidst many uncertainties about the future, courage is perhaps needed

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Our Secular Age

The term “secular” is perhaps overused when referring to government, schools, business and western culture in general. But is the secular something “out there?” Or are we all “secular” now? What’s changed? And is secularism the last word? Philosopher and theologian James K.A. Smith gives us context for

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Race And America

The #blacklivesmatter movement receives mixed reception in culture and especially among Evangelical Christians. While some contend “all lives matter,” others recognize the special focus needed on to the continued struggle of being black in America. Michelle Higgins is an organizer and speaker who is on the front lines of the

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Getting Along, Despite Differences

In a globalized world where ideas, religions and ethnic groups collide, the question remains, can we find a way through? Even former President Bill Clinton recently remarked, “We only have one remaining bigotry. We don’t want to be around anybody who disagrees with us.” In this talk, historian and

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Why Culture Matters

People of faith differ on how much concern we should pay to the culture at hand, questioning what good can we really do engaging in a broken world. Can we really make a significant difference? Does God share these concerns? Every generation must answer these questions in the same way

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