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How Should We Labor?


Defining Vocation

Kate Harris helps us understand calling and identity through the old and rich concept of “vocation.”

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Made To Flourish

Made To Flourish exists to equip pastors with a more integral connection between Sunday faith and Monday work, in order to empower them to lead churches that produce human flourishing for the common good.

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Collaborating in Community

So much hype around the idea of collaboration, but what is it really? How do we work alongside others and advance their projects even if it doesn’t advance our own? The opportunity for cultural goods and ideas to move forward, based purely on an ability to create collaborative environments,

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Motherhood as Vocation

In Washington, D.C., it is only a matter of time before the kind woman standing next to me at a party will turn from talking with my husband and ask the inevitable, identity-testing, status-gauging question I have come to dread as a new and mostly stay-at-home mother. “And what

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Six Practices of the Church: Vocation

We are all involved in some sort of vocation. No matter where or what it is, we know that God calls us to be faithful in those places. From home to office and beyond, we have the opportunity to practice vocation well in a way that makes the world a

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