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Is Anxiety and Depression Our New Normal?


Freefall to Fly

The rise of depression and anxiety among women is at an all-time high—recent statistics show one in four women are on antidepressants. Co-founder of Q and the author of Freefall to Fly, Rebekah Lyons challenges us to stay even when we desperately want to break free. Through her own

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The Way of Weakness

But there are still stigmas and stereotypes. Some people were unhappy with my openness. They feared I was contributing to our “pill happy” culture and encouraged me to just pray more and read the Bible. They wondered if I just didn’t have enough faith, or perseverance, or courage. But

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Depression, The Secret We Share

A lot of people said, when I chose to write about my depression, that it must be very difficult to be out of that closet, to have people know. They said, “Do people talk to you differently?” And I said, “Yes, people talk to me differently. They talk to me

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Surviving Anxiety

An influential study conducted 100 years ago by two Harvard psychologists, Robert M. Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson, laid the foundation for the idea that moderate levels of anxiety improve performance: too much anxiety, obviously, and performance is impaired, but too little anxiety also impairs performance. “Without anxiety, little would be

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Mental Illness: What is the Church’s Role?

My mother has seen multiple psychiatrists, counselors, and other mental-health professionals. She has seen the inside of more than one mental-health hospital, one jail, and one prison. Her history with serious mental illness goes back more than 20 years. But if she were to go to a hospital today, in urgent

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