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Public, Private, or Homeschool?


Ancient Future Education

Most people don’t know that current educational practice is less than a century old. Paradoxically, the harder we try to produce great thinkers similar to those of the past, the further we move from the style of education that produced them. Some now advocate a return to “classical education,”

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School Choice and Certain Vulnerability

Finding the right educational opportunities for their children is not a task that most parents take lightly—nor should they. The formative hours spent under the guidance of teachers and their curriculum will change the way children think, act, and learn. How can a parent approach making such an important

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Why We Send Our Children To The Poorest Public School

It would be fairly easy to take my children back to an all-white, all-Christian, all-moneyed, educated world. And in times of doubt, I think about doing it. Like when my children miss out on amazing class field trips. And when our son’s basketball team has to wear uniforms that

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Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom

“Do you knit?” I asked my friend Stacey, who sat beside me at a table near our sons’ fine arts classes. I pointed at some moms across the room who were furiously working with their needles. “No. Don’t knit. I can’t even cook,” she said. I’d met

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