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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?


Marijuana Q & A

How has marijuana legalization effected the way the world works? Dr. Christian Thurstone and Heather Jackson, two people with unique insight into this issue, sat down to discuss.

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Marijuana’s Legalization Effect

Colorado's pioneering spirit continued with the legalization of pot in 2013. With 62 percent of adults under 30 supporting legalization, more states may follow Colorado's lead. What can we learn from this? Could decriminalization lead to a more flourishing society? Christian Thurstone, a child psychiatrist and addiction counselor from Denver, discusses the effects

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The Case For Medical Marijuana

Dozens of families have moved to Colorado in order to legally treat epileptic children with higher concentrated doses of marijuana, reporting this makes a dramatic difference in their kids' health and well-being. Heather Jackson, director of Realm of Caring, an organization making medical marijuana available to seizure patients, will share

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