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What Are Ways To Initiate And Lead Change?


The Death Penalty

By many metrics, incarceration rates are growing in America with valid concerns about a "cradle-to-prison" pipeline in certain regions. With thirty-one states currently supporting the death penalty backed by a moral, "an eye for an eye," position, how should Christians engage? Author and activist, Shane Claiborne, believes the Church must

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Up To Us

Politics. Religion. Media. Race. Economics. We’ve reached a new boiling point in America. Elected leaders tweet. Professional athletes kneel. Hollywood icons protest. Pundits preach. Trickle-down division is reaching us all. Neighbors. Co-workers. Families. Friends. Differences are good. Disagreements are expected. In fact, our freedom depends on opposing views and

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End of Protest

In an age of protests like Black Lives Matter, the Women's March, and increased political demonstrations, it seems the best way to rage against the machine and make your voice heard is protest. As the creator of the global Occupy Wall Street movement - Micah White questions whether protests really

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Finding Purpose in Problems

The suffering, injustice and brokenness that exists in our world can be paralyzing. But what if those needs were an invitation for each of us to find the meaning God has purposed in our hearts? Author, activist, and abolitionist Justin Dillon points out that we have a choice: We can

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The State of Women

What are the rights all women should possess and live out? Noel Yeatts of World Help shares the state of women across the world today and the opportunity that can come from focusing on the true global issues facing women. What are you doing with your freedom of choice?

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