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What Are Your Expectations For The Future Of The Poor?


Everyday Violence

How do we confront the greatest oppressor of the poor? Millennium goals have made a focal point of ending poverty, both at home and abroad, but no one's talking about violence. We live in an age in which an estimated 27 million people are held as slaves, and 600,000 to 800,000 children, women,

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The Urban Poor

The problem of poverty is not one that exists only in other parts of the world. Vice President of World Vision U.S. Programs Division, Romanita Hairston, casts a vision for education reform and improved child well-being in the United States. She argues that while we may have more non-profits

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The Church Will End Extreme Poverty

Claiming that we can eradicate extreme poverty from the face of the Earth is incredibly bold. But Dr. Scott Todd believes it is also surprisingly realistic. The key, he believes, is to stop being naive about the incredible evidence of progress and raise our expectations of what God intends to

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