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What Can Artists Teach the Church?


The Art of Embodiment

A few years ago, I was at a conference in front of a room full of artists, participating in a conversation with an art historian and avid collector. It was a freewheeling conversation about many things: patronage, travel, and the role of art and beauty in social justice. In the

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Systems & Chaos

Hearing the visual philosophy of an artist is an intriguing way to gain perspective on the deeper meaning of her art. Linnea Spransy’s paintings, drawings and installations are generated using systems and rules, which are distillations of her interest in emergent theory, quantum mechanics, theology and chaos theory. Spransey

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The Art of Empathy

I love artists. Love them. I also love much of the art that artists create, but I love the persons behind the art even more - their stories, their motivations for creating, their sometimes maniacal drive to create, and their talent. Art at its best can provoke, can speak truth,

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Art for the Common Good

Art has the ability to arrest us—causing us to pause, take a second look and reflect. When applied to a public canvas using large-scale sculptures or riveting art installations, the reactions are even more nuanced. Peek inside the mind of Dayton Castleman, an artist who prefers to work in

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The Art of Listening

The Spirit of the Lord sent Phillip South, where Phillip crossed paths with an Ethiopian Eunuch, riding in a chariot (you know, like happens to everyone at some point). At that literal crossroad of culture, the Spirit further instructs Phillip to “go to that chariot and stay near it.” “Go

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