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What Do Games Teach Us About Our Human Drives?



Perhaps games can be more than a way to de-stress; perhaps life can be more fun. These two possibilities led Yu-Kai Chou to pioneer the industry of gamification: Making our world a better place by applying the good principles of games. Chou will unpack what it means when good games

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The Art of Video Gaming

Video games are an enormous and engaging part of our culture; but who is engaging the institution of video games? Jamin Brophy-Warren is the founder of Kill Screen, an organization that asks "What does it mean to play games?” Warren says that video games don't offer pseudo-experiences, they offer real

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Sports Obsession

Sports are one of the most notable places in which people are highly, almost violently competitive - and yet sports can be good for us, too. So where do we go wrong? How does healthy competition become something much darker? In this excerpt from his talk at Q Nashville in

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