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What Does It Look Like To Hold Our Convictions With Courage?


Fierce Convictions

Why should our deepest beliefs compel us to action? Maya Angelou called courage the most important of virtues. Lesser-known but equally influential in her age is Hannah More, poet, abolitionist, and reformer from the 1800s. Like Angelou, More's extraordinary legacy is marked by her unordinary courage. In her book Fierce

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Truth Can’t be Oppressed

How far would you go to tell the world the truth? That was the question Euna Lee had to ask herself when she and a fellow journalist, Laura Ling, were detained in North Korea after they crossed the border without a visa while researching a controversial story. They remained in

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Denial: The New Normal of Rejecting Self-Evident Truth

Crazy-pants. That’s the knee jerk reaction to the plot of “Denial,” a courtroom drama where a professor must prove in court that the Holocaust did in fact actually take place. I realize that sounds like a rejected episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ written by Kafka. It’s actually a

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The Prophetic Minority

Every year the number of churches closing their doors in America increases, the average age of church attendees goes up, and more Americans are ceasing to identify with any religion, especially Christianity. In a nation in which the church was once a dominant and unifying mainstay in America life, what

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Over the last year, headlines and media images show Christians around the world suffering tremendous sacrifice because of their faith. C.S. Lewis once said, "courage is the form of every virtue at its testing point." In unprecedented times and amidst many uncertainties about the future, courage is perhaps needed

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