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What Is Possible When We Are Free From Distraction?


Q Backstage: Alan Noble (Disruptive Witness)

Alan Noble is author of, Disruptive Witness, Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age. In his latest book he lays out a vision for the evangelical imagination, calling us away from abstraction and cliché to a more faithful embodiment of the gospel for our day. Listen into the latest backstage interview

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Our Secular Age

The term “secular” is perhaps overused when referring to government, schools, business and western culture in general. But is the secular something “out there?” Or are we all “secular” now? What’s changed? And is secularism the last word? Philosopher and theologian James K.A. Smith gives us context for

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Concentrate: Living A Distilled Life

Can we be in a place where our ambitions and our limitations are not at war? We need to be willing to cut the things out of our lives that are adding to the noise. Savannah believes in focusing the heart and mind on the things that matter most, and

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Light Phone Story

Many technology products aim to make our lives simpler, more convenient and better. But what are the costs of blindly adopting technology? Innovator, Kaiwei Tang, decided to create a phone technology designed to serve, not enslave; to respect human relationship, embodiment and acknowledge our humanity. The Light Phone has quickly

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