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What Is Possible When We Live Into Our Calling?


The State of Women

How are women’s lives improving and deteriorating around the world? Shannon Sedgwick Davis is CEO of the Bridgeway Foundation. An attorney, Shannon is a passionate advocate for social justice and International human rights. She is a well-known strategist engaged in promoting peace and ending human atrocities across our globe.

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War & Trauma

Roughly 12 million Syrians - half the country’s population – are displaced as refugees because of the unrest in the Middle East. The ones who suffer the most are often children. How do you imagine life in a new way under these circumstances? Khalil Sleiman is a refugee survivor who knows

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Life Without Pediatrics

How do childhood experiences shape our calling? Una Mulale was born and raised in rural Botswana and currently practices as a Pediatric Critical Care Specialist in Brooklyn, NY. This is her story.

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Be You. Do Good.

What is it that God wants you to do? Jonathan Golden, an Anglican priest and coffee company owner, asked that question and it changed his life. How do we go about advancing good in the places God has for us and what does it mean to think ethically about what

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