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What Is Q Commons: The Power Of We?


Announcing Q Commons: The Power Of We

In a cultural climate in which the most extreme ideas and opinions get all the attention, we’ve created a place for the thoughtful to converge. At Q Commons, we’ll come together with friends, neighbors and community members in cities around the world to listen, engage and discover how

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Why Culture Matters

People of faith differ on how much concern we should pay to the culture at hand, questioning what good can we really do engaging in a broken world. Can we really make a significant difference? Does God share these concerns? Every generation must answer these questions in the same way

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Cultivating Virtue

A journalist for The New York Times and author of, The Road to Character, David Brooks is an expert in communicating the role of character in our society and how it brings about positive change. In a culture that worships the celebrity yet is decreasing in any religious commitment (32% of

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Confronting Our Technology Addiction

Digital devices are here to stay. But what are the implications of their all-consuming, non-embodied, addicting nature? We know that phones are fundamentally changing how we connect and hear from one another—but are we are losing our ability to listen, learn, and connect in a way that brings out

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Listen. Talk. Learn.

Recorded live at Q Commons St. Louis 2016, Reena Hajat Carroll shares her perspectives on how a community can best come together.

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The Art of Listening

In the days of social media where everyone has their own platform, we are tempted to vocalize our own voice and state opinions. Bobette Buster suggests it's time to relearn a lost art. Recovering this human skill will be essential to recovering civility, respect and understanding.

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