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What Is The Future Of Education?


Patient Pluralism

Existing in an ideologically-diverse culture can be challenging, and often leads to individuals retreating behind their battle lines. David Coleman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The College Board, believes that institutional diversity, civil disagreement, and patience with others whose beliefs differ from yours creates the best learning environments.

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Concentrate: Living A Distilled Life

Can we be in a place where our ambitions and our limitations are not at war? We need to be willing to cut the things out of our lives that are adding to the noise. Savannah believes in focusing the heart and mind on the things that matter most, and

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An Honest Conversation About Privilege

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help us realize that the culture of affluence we live in is not the reality for the vast majority of our brothers and sisters around this world and even in our own backyard. Deion Sims helps us discover what it may look like

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