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What Is The Responsibility Of Christians In Times Of Need?


Healing Cities

We’ve seen over the last year the devastation inflicted on cities by natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding. We’ll hear from two voices — a Houston pastor who helped mobilize resources in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and a founder of a technology company helping people volunteer to

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Trauma As A Place Of Service

What can we do? It's the natural question after a disaster. Our hearts break for the hurting and the grieved. We want to reach out, to help. As citizens of planet earth we are regularly and often confronted with the problem of pain, with the reality of human suffering. Natural

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Relief and Redevelopment

With natural disasters looming as a constant yet unforeseeable threat in our own land and to our global neighbors, how can we best participate in long-term recovery? In this presentation, Roger Sandberg, Vice President of Medair International, will help us chart out the difference between rescue, relief and redevelopment efforts

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War & Trauma

Roughly 12 million Syrians - half the country’s population – are displaced as refugees because of the unrest in the Middle East. The ones who suffer the most are often children. How do you imagine life in a new way under these circumstances? Khalil Sleiman is a refugee survivor who knows

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