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What Responsibility Do We Have To Eradicate Gender Bias?


Gender Equality: Women & The Church

Learning works best when we participate together. That’s why we created Q&A, a series that explores the big topics that come out of our Q Conference. We’re inviting you to participate with us as we watch these talks together, interact with the presenters and have opportunities for

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Women

In many ways, the 21st century is a revolutionary age of opportunity for women. Along with owning 30% of American businesses, women currently make up 57% of college graduates and 63% of master's degree holders. But we can only look up to those whose stories we know. If we only pass the torch

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Women In The Church

There are 188 named women in the Bible and many anonymous others. From queens to commoners, God has accomplished wonders through women throughout the ages. Ideas about females in the Church are just as vast as its faces, but alongside shifts in culture are new invitations for women to lead. In

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