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Who Or What Deems An Idea Legitimate?



Who or what deems an idea legitimate? Many people of faith think because their ideas are true, everyone should listen, pay attention, and do as they suggest. Malcolm Gladwell helps us understand how the process by which ideas are debated, opinions are formed, and a process is communicated can have

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Iconoclast Thinking

What does science say about how constraints introduced into a system can breed innovation and new ideas? What role does fear have in the iconoclast’s life? What are poor habits or better disciplines that might improve iconoclastic thinking? Listen, as Dr. Gregory Berns elaborates on the evidence that neuroscience

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Calling Versus Narcissism

The way we think about our life's work has the potential to advance good or to become self-referential. If we focus on understanding God's purposes and where we can join His work in the world, the results will be very different from self-focused individualism. Jo Saxton looks at the thin

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