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How Do We Find Purpose In Pain?


Here, Breathing

Amena Brown shares a spoken word poem for everyone who has survived something they never thought they would make it through.

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Everyday Grace

We all experience tragedy, heartache and disappointment in life. For New York Times bestselling author Ann Voskamp, that moment came at the beginning, her first memory, when she witnessed her sister’s death in a horrific accident. Where is God when life goes dark? What in the world, in all

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Trauma As A Place Of Service

What can we do? It's the natural question after a disaster. Our hearts break for the hurting and the grieved. We want to reach out, to help. As citizens of planet earth we are regularly and often confronted with the problem of pain, with the reality of human suffering. Natural

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Finding Purpose in Problems

The suffering, injustice and brokenness that exists in our world can be paralyzing. But what if those needs were an invitation for each of us to find the meaning God has purposed in our hearts? Author, activist, and abolitionist Justin Dillon points out that we have a choice: We can

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