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Will Islam Modernize Peacefully?


The Struggle Within Islam

As Islamic culture continues to grow in western societies, many questions exist about whether integration is possible. Should Sharia law be utilized in communities where the Muslim population is in the majority? As many questions exist around what positive contributions Muslims make to their societies, Shadi Hamid makes the case

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The Limits of Islam

Contrary to popular understanding, Islam's populations and influence reaches far beyond the Middle East. Muslims make up a majority of the population in 49 countries around the world, and is the fastest growing religion according to the Pew Research Center. As Islam integrates into Western Societies, is peace and pluralism really

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How can the Church contribute to reconciliation in conflict zones? A champion for the voiceless, Lynne Hybels longs for the day Isaiah described when nations "will not train for war anymore." But in a world where ethnic and religious tensions tear apart human relationships, she presses forward. Her frequent travels

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Where Muslims and Christians Agree

It's one thing to talk about crossing the dividing lines of religion, but can that actually happen? How can people of two different faiths work together for the common good? The relationship between Sheikh Mohammed, Judge of Sidon in Lebanon, and Martin Accad, a Christian pastor in the Middle East,

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