Addressing The Future Of Cities Together by Ebony S. Small

Movement Day is one of the few conveners that pulls together leaders from the marketplace, civic space, artists community for the purpose of serving their city. With Movement Day events in Dallas, Phoenix, Haiti, South Africa, and London launching in 2017, and many others in years to come, they have quickly expanded their footprint around the globe. Ebony S. Small, Director of Movement Day & Events for The New York City Leadership Center, shares about their next event taking place in New York City on October 25-27, 2016. These three days will be made up of 21 breakout sessions on topics such as poverty, fatherlessness, trafficking, and responding in actionable ways, as well as main stage presenters addressing the future of cities. If you identify as someone who cares about your city and is interested in serving in collaboration with others in your community, we encourage you to find out more information and register at

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