Reading The Bible In Community by Glenn Paauw

Although we live in an age where access to the Scriptures has never been more abundant, we are seeing a decline in its engagement and a lack of knowledge in how to engage it properly. Glenn Paauw is currently the VP of Global Bible Engagement for Biblica, a 200 year old organization responsible for translating and spreading the Bible to places all over the world. His team released a new version of the Bible titled, The Community Bible Experience, allowing churches and groups to read through the entire New Testament in eight weeks replacing a traditional “Bible Study” model with more modern book club feel. What makes this new version different is its innovative narrative form. Christians today are living in a moment between the story the Bible has laid out and how it finishes, and in order to fully understand how Christians should live in the "in between," we must engage the Bible clearly. The philosophy of the new format has come from Paauw’s latest book, “Saving the Bible From Ourselves” where he describes the deep riches that comes from the practices of consistently engaging God’s word.

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