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Q Media for Churches

In an uncertain moment, equip your staff, key leaders and congregation with the premier resource of church leaders faithfully navigating our current culture.

At an uncertain, confusing and divided moment, your people want to know how to engage the most important and difficult conversations.

From COVID-19 to racism, politics, mental health and more, we curate the best thinking on the topics that matter most, making it easy for you to invite your church staff, key leaders, small groups and students to approach the conversations they care about from a well-informed, theologically faithful Christian worldview.

Watch the video below to get a virtual tour of the Q Media Church Platform.


Start a Q Media Church Subscription today to experience all of this and more, including:

• Participate in quarterly virtual events on critical topics for the future of the church
• Lead your staff and key leaders to think well about complex topics
• Spark meaningful small group discussions with access to our complete library of content
• Disciple the next generation with a Biblical perspective on the topics that matter most
• Go deeper with current issue playlists, courses, films, series and podcasts for this cultural moment
• Get 100 unique logins for your staff, key leaders and congregation to access Q Media
• One ticket to Q Conference


With 80% of church attendees wishing their pastor would better help them navigate complex social, political and cultural issues, Q can be your partner in your mission to equip and disciple. Through playlists, courses and hundreds of talks on a multitude of topics, we help you facilitate robust conversation and learning throughout your entire church. Whether through small groups or live events, Q gives you the best-in-class education your people deserve.