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Culture Summit 2022 Host FAQs

Culture Summit 2022 Host FAQs

Read below for a list of our frequently asked questions for hosting this year's Culture Summit. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at

What does Q Ideas provide for my church if we sign up to host a public watch party?
Our team will provide you with a simple registration for all attendees, promotional marketing assets, a script for in-person hosting moments, dedicated support staff pre, during and post-event.

Will there be speakers that are not listed on the website?
Yes, with the ever-changing cultural landscape, we often confirm last-minute speakers to talk on relevant topics.

Will there be topics & speakers that my congregation doesn’t fully align with?
Yes. At Q we often choose to address and expose different angles of cultural conversations that are not typically covered as prominently in public circles, which will challenge your thinking and create thoughtful dialogue. To that end, there may be points of views that you or your congregation don’t fully align with. We believe this sets the stage for healthy dialogue where you can position Q Ideas as the catalyst for the topics and conversations at hand without you personally or corporately needing to take ownership or state your official stance.

Can I go back and show talks from this event following the live stream to my congregation?
Yes. Purchasing access for your congregation gives you live and on-demand access to the Culture Summit to be able to utilize as a resource for your congregation in whichever ways you deem valuable (ie, content in main services, small group learning, newsletters, etc). Content for 3 months.

Where can I learn more about Q Ideas and what you believe?
Q Ideas was founded by Gabe & Rebekah Lyons in 2007 as a platform to help leaders and influencers engage culture from a biblical worldview. Today, we accomplish this mission through media and live events designed for the thoughtful Christian. You can learn more about Q Ideas HERE.

What is the Culture Summit?
The Culture Summit is our 16th Annual Q Conference hosted by Q Ideas. This is an interactive, two-day, in-person, and online experience that brings together Christians from every channel of cultural influence for robust dialogue about how we can faithfully engage in our current cultural moment.

Who is this event designed for?
It is for leaders in any area: church, business, education, nonprofit, government, art, etc. That may sound broad, but we believe that people of faith need to be informed about what is happening in the culture right now. Our attendees share this belief. They know that Christians must be equipped to meet the cultural moment with love, empathy, honesty, humility and boldness. Culture Summit is where that happens. If you are leading and serving in any context, Culture Summit will help you engage the people in your community and reach them with the truth and hope you’ve built your life on.

Where do I go if I have a question about content being presented at this event?

If you have a specific question about the content of this year’s Culture Summit, please email our team at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What if I only want to host portions of this event?
If you’re hosting a live event after April 29, you can select which sessions or talks to watch and customize an event or experience for your church.

Can I pause or rewind the live content?
If you choose to participate live with us, you will not be able to rewind until the session has concluded. Each session will be available and posted on-demand quickly following the live moment.

What is the schedule for the Culture Summit?
You can view the full schedule HERE.

What if I can’t host on the April 28-29 dates?
You can host an in-person event at any point after the event has concluded. If you’re interested in hosting at a later date, just let our team know! You also have access to the full event and subsequent resources we create from the content to use as a cultural education tool for your entire congregation on-demand through our Q Media platform.

Will there be closed captioning and language translation?
We will not be able to provide closed captioning or language translation this year, but hope to at next years event.

I have a Q Media subscription already. Do I need to buy a digital pass to stream the Culture Summit?
Yes. Your digital pass to stream the Culture Summit is not included as part of your existing Q Media subscription.

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