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How Do We Respond?

How Do We Respond?

  • Adoption is an Option

    Elizabeth Kirk, Director of the Center for Law and research associate at the Columbus School of Law at The Catholic University of America, joins us to discuss why adoption is one way we can help remedy the issue and redeem childrens’ lives.

  • Forgive Me, Daisy

    At 19, April Hernandez-Castillo found herself in an abusive relationship; she escaped, but shortly after, she discovered she was pregnant. Feeling like she had no other choice, she had to consider all options. She’ll share about that experience—and its effects—with us.

  • For All People

    What if the Christian community reshaped the way many parents view children with disabilities? Amy Julia Becker imagines a better future where life is not valued only for its productivity and all children are seen as a divine gift.