Q Movie Nights

Q Movie Nights

Enjoy the Windrider Weekly Short Film Series

Join the Q Community each Saturday night as we showcase a series of short films and thoughtful conversations with the filmmakers and creators designed to help us stay curious, think well and advance good. Listen to Gabe Lyons share the vision for this unique partnership.

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A powerful short film that will spark creativity, compassion and respect.
• An illuminating conversation with the filmmakers that takes you behind the scenes.
• A thoughtful discussion guide designed to help you go deeper with your community.

Films for July 11: Wondrous & The Kite Maker

These two short films take us from the streets of Cairo to downtown Portland and beyond. Knit together by themes of childlike wonder, joy and belonging, together they help us reflect on the simple beauty of life.

After the films, stick around for a conversation with each filmmaker to learn about their creative processes and what we can learn from these films in our new cultural moment.


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“At Windrider, we believe the power of story can transform and transcend the most important issues of our day.” – John Priddy, Windrider CEO and Co-Founder 

The Windrider Forum is founded on the belief that stories are truly the “storehouses” of culture. Visual media, our culture’s principal form of storytelling, is the most critical, value-defining medium of our age. Recognizing this, the Windrider team has partnered with Q to curate a powerful collection of short films that we will stream together each Saturday night.