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Nxt Gen Summit

Nxt Gen Summit

Navigating Your Faith in a Complex Culture.

Last month, 200+ next-gen content creators, entertainers, pastors, worship leaders and authors came together for a critical event on how to navigate the most polarizing issues of our time. Listen in on the entire conversations they had and learn to thoughtfully engage these difficult topics and live with faith and love. Access the full sessions and conversations exclusively on Q Media for $7.99/month.

Dive Deeper Into These Topics

  • Conviction

    How can we be courageous with our convictions in a cancel culture? Featuring Jennie Allen, Jonathan Pokluda, and Rebekah Lyons. (45-minutes)

  • Culture

    How should Christians redemptively engage society? Featuring Andy Crouch and Sho Baraka. (40-minutes)

  • Orthodoxy

    What should our approach be to the claims of progressive Christianity? Featuring John Mark Comer. (34-minutes)

  • Politics

    How do we promote biblical justice not cultural propaganda? Featuring Justin Giboney. (30-minutes)

  • Sexuality

    Why does the biblical vision for sex, marriage and family lead to flourishing? Featuring Rachel Gilson. (35-minutes)

  • Polarization

    How can Christians be a prophetic witness in a polarized society? Featuring Sho Baraka. (33-minutes)

  • Influence

    How can we leverage our voices for good? Featuring Carlos Whittaker. (23-minutes)

  • Soul Care

    How can we be formed to endure the pitfalls of success? Featuring Andy Crouch, Rich Villodas and Rebekah Lyons. (50-minutes)

    Soul Care
  • Boldness

    What does it look like to lead through the power of the Holy Spirit? Featuring Dave Gibbons and Lisa Bevere. (38-minutes)


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