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How (And Why) We Approach Difficult Conversations at Q

At Q, we strive to provide leaders and influencers with a wide range of viewpoints on critical issues of the day. By presenting multiple perspectives, it means participants may not agree with every talk or speaker on our platforms, but that’s the purpose—we want to help Christians see the complexity of each issue so that, whatever your viewpoint, you can engage this cultural moment well.

We are confident the thoughtful leaders who attend our events are wise and discerning enough to hear and process multiple divergent perspectives while ultimately deciding for themselves what they believe. This has been our model for the past 14 years, as we’ve hosted well-rounded discussions on critical topics such as racism and reparations, marijuana, politics, life issues (such as abortion and euthanasia), technology, and more. This year’s Virtual Summit was no different as we engaged different and often opposing perspectives on how we might best respond to this unprecedented global crisis.