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Q 2020 Update

Q 2020 Update

Updated: April 8, 2020

We continue to be committed and sober-minded as we prepare for Q 2020 April 22-23. During moments of uncertainty, uniting to think well and creatively advance good is what this community does best (even if it must be in an innovative way).

This year, Q Conference will take a new form as we host Q 2020 in an all-virtual format and experience. Due to recent developments surrounding COVID-19, we’ve determined this to be the best way we can continue to learn and be challenged while being mindful of the very real health concerns related to this virus. We will miss the chance to be together in person, but we are confident this move will ensure the well-being of all in the Q community while providing an impactful way for leaders from every channel of culture to continue to be thoughtful and engaged in this quickly changing cultural moment. Click here to watch Gabe Lyons share How We Engage Our New Moment. 

The Q 2020 Virtual Summit will be an interactive online learning experience that includes:

• Two days of more relevant-than-ever talks

• Audience feedback and participation

• Digital connection with like-minded leaders

• Q&A with presenters

• Resources to enhance the digital experience

We can assure you this Q event will be as relevant as any to date, and we are curating our talks to ensure we address the latest pressing issues on everyone’s minds. We take seriously our role in advancing the common good while equipping thoughtful Christian leaders to do the same in their local contexts. As we look toward this April, we are increasingly confident that this is the most prudent and thoughtful decision we could make in this unprecedented time.

The Q community thrives in moments of change. Your leadership, creativity, hopeful outlook and faith-filled presence is a balm to the fear and panic many now feel. Thank you for being part of this community with us. We look forward to exploring this new opportunity together.

 For further questions, concerns or information, contact us directly at

Join us for the Q 2020 Virtual Summit

Join us for the Q 2020 Virtual Summit

Make plans to convene with like-minded leaders from around the globe and be equipped to lead well in this new cultural moment through the Q 2020 Virtual Summit (April 22-23).