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Since 2007, Q has been a place to consider and anticipate the most important questions confronting our faith. Thousands of leaders across seven channels (business, government, media, church, arts & entertainment, education, social sector) look to Q to help them navigate cultural moments around the globe.

This year’s election culminates after months of isolation, division and distrust at historic proportions. Christian leadership feels exhausting and confusing in unparalleled ways. You don’t need better questions; you need comprehensive answers. So, we’ve created a brand-new Q gathering unlike any other.

While thoughtful questions are always on the table, at Q&A, we will intentionally pursue answers that propel us forward.

Over two days, instead of talks, we will utilize a conversational approach featuring 20+ experts for 45-minute in-depth conversations followed by 30-minute audience Q&As. We won’t debate fringe issues; we’ll discover how practical change can be catalyzed in the Church.

This intimate gathering will connect you with other leaders united in purpose and committed to the tenets of the Christian faith. You’ll build relationships and a network of support for years to come.