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Q was birthed out of Gabe Lyons’ vision to see Christians, especially leaders, recover a vision for their historic responsibility to renew and restore cultures. Inspired by Chuck Colson’s statement, “Christians are called to redeem entire cultures, not just individuals,” Gabe set out to reintroduce Christians to what had seemed missing in recent decades from an American expression of Christian faithfulness; valuing both personal and cultural renewal, not one over the other. Re-educating Christians to this orthodox and unifying concept has become central to the vision of Q.

“Christians are called to redeem entire cultures, not just individuals.”

Together, we explore topics that fall into four broad themes: culture, future, church, and gospel. Q facilitates the investigation of deeper engagement and responsibility in each of these areas. As we continue to work through these ideas on a deeper level, so grows our commitment to equipping innovators, social entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, church-shapers, futurists, scientists, educators, historians, environmentalists, and everyday people to do extraordinary things. At Q Ideas, you’ll see a broad spectrum of content represented in our small group curriculum, essays, videos, blog articles, and podcasts. These are all contributed and commissioned to shed light on unique areas of culture and the church.

7 Channels of Cultural Influence

7 Channels of Cultural Influence

The Seven Channels of Culture touch every citizen in a society. It is historically proven that when leaders from each channel work together toward a common goal, cultural change is possible.

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Why We Gather

Q was created as a place where church and cultural leaders could come together to collaborate and explore ideas about how the Gospel can be expressed within our cultural context.

Our method of learning is simple: exposure, conversation and collaboration.

We didn’t want to create just another conference, but instead, make an intentional effort to platform the best and the brightest ideas that are shaping our world and interact with them.

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"The next wave of Christian influence will come from the pews, not the pulpit."
Gabe Lyons

About Gabe & Rebekah Lyons

Gabe and Rebekah Lyons founded Q in 2007, a learning community that mobilizes Christians to advance the common good in society. They convene leaders in America’s most influential cities and equip them to engage public life in winsome and thoughtful ways. Most recently, Rebekah launched Q Women, a series of events educating and connecting women around topics they face, helping them flourish in their communities, church and culture.

Gabe is the author of The Next Christians: Seven Ways You Can Live the Gospel and Restore the World (Multnomah, 2012) and co-author of UnChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity and Why It Matters, a bestselling book based on original research that revealed the pervasiveness of pop culture’s negative perceptions of Christians.

Rebekah recently released, Freefall to Fly: A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning (Tyndale, 2013), a memoir connecting her anxiety to unresolved calling. She teaches and encourages women to confront depression, panic and anxiety disorders by awakening to the ultimate calling God has for each of them.

Prior to launching Q, Gabe served on the team that co-founded Catalyst, the largest gathering of young church leaders in America. After seven years of leading the Catalyst movement, he recognized that there was a deep need within the American church for heightened cultural exposure and understanding, Gospel-centered critical thinking, and active collaboration among church leaders who would chart the future of the church in the West. After living in Atlanta, GA for most of their adult life, in 2010 Gabe and Rebekah decided to move their family to the heart of post-Christian culture, New York City. They lead and serve within Trinity Grace Church, a family of neighborhood-based churches founded in 2006. Gabe and Rebekah’s work represents the perspectives of a new generation of Christians and has been featured by CNN, The New York Times, Fox News and USA Today. They have three children, and live in Nashville, TN.

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